Les Tragiques grecs (1999)


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Victor-Henry Debidour Translator
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Victor Henry Debidour's prose translation of Philoctète was performed in 1961 but appart from Oedipe roi (published in 1994 six years after the translator's death) none of Debidour's translations of Greek tragedies had been published before this complete edition by Anne Lebeau and Paul Delmont of all extant tragedies and a number of fragments in one volume. Le livre de poche editions of individual plays followed in 2002 (Médée and Les Troyennes), 2005 (Les Choéphores, Electre d'Euripide, Electre de Sophocle) and 2011 (Les Choéphores, Les Euménides). Sources: COPAC and BNF catalogue général.
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Paris: Le livre de poche

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Philoctetes Victor-Henry Debidour, J. Pouilloux, G. Roux

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