Trojan Women

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Format: 2023
Production First performed Venues Companies
The Women of Troy Croxleywood House Theatre (Rickmansworth, County of Hertfordshire, England) Croxleywood House Theatre Club, Rickmansworth
Trojan Women unknown venue (England) Stanhope Theatre Company
Trojan Women unknown venue (South Africa)
Spoken Greek Verse Discourses Ltd
Trojan Women unknown venue (Japan)
Trojan Women Little Theater (New York City, New York, United States) Stanford University
Trojan Women The Shimmy (London, Greater London, England), The New Diorama Theatre (London, Greater London, England) Hotpots
Trojan Women Chicago Little Theatre
Trojan Women unknown venue (England) Prometheus Theatre Company
Trojan Women unknown venue (Germany)
The Women of Troy Adam House Theatre (Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland) University of Edinburgh (Graduate Theatre Group)
The Trojan Women Kensington Town Hall (London, Greater London, England)
The Trojan Women: A Love Story Loeb Drama Center (Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States) American Repertory Theatre (ART)
The Trojan Women Girton College (Cambridge, County of Cambridgeshire, England) University of Cambridge (Girton College, Dramatic Society)
Trojan Women unknown venue (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) IRAA Theatre
Trojan Women Gaiety Theatre (Manchester, City and Borough of Manchester, England)
The Trojan Women Civic Theatre (Leeds, City and Borough of Leeds, England) Proscenium Players
Troades unknown venue (England)
The Trojan Women Neighbourhood Playhouse School of Theatre (New York City, New York, United States) Neighbourhood Playhouse School of Theatre
Le Troiane (1566) 1566 unknown venue (Venice, Veneto, Italy)
La Troade (1579) 1579 Chateau Vallon (France)
Polyxène (1584) 1584 Chateau Vallon (France)
Le rovine di Troia (1707) 1707 Teatro S. Cassiano (Venice, Veneto, Italy)
La Cassandra indovina (1711) 1711 Teatro di Piedimonte (Piedimonte, Campania, Italy)
L'Andromaca (1716) 1716 unknown venue (Florence, Tuscany, Italy)
Hekuba (1736) 1736 unknown venue (Germany)
La Cassandra (1740) 1740 unknown venue (Rome, Latium, Italy)
Astianatte [Astyanax] (1748) 1748 unknown venue (Cesena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy)
Ajace e Cassandra (1773) 1773 Teatro di San Benedetto (Venice, Veneto, Italy)
Troja distrutta (1778) 1778 Teatro alla Scala, La Scala (Milan, Lombardy, Italy)
Trojanerinnen (1782) 1782 Burgtheater (Vienna, Vienna, Austria)
La caduta di Troia (1786) 1786 Regio Teatro (Turin, Piedmont, Italy)
Trojan Women [extracts] (1904) 1904 Socratic Society of Birmingham (Birmingham, County of Worcestershire, England)
The Trojan Women (1905) 1905 Royal Court Theatre, Court Theatre (London, Greater London, England)
Trojan Women (1909) 1909 On the lawn of the residence of Mrs Julian R. Tinkham (United States) The Women’s Club of Upper Montclair
Trojan Women (1909) 1909 Women's Club of Upper Montclair (Montclair, State of New Jersey, United States) Women's Club of Upper Montclair, New Jersey
"Hecuba's Lament" (1911) 1911 British Museum, Lecture Theatre (London, Greater London, England)
The Trojan Women (1911) 1911 Gaiety Theatre (Manchester, City and Borough of Manchester, England), unknown venue (Birmingham, County of Worcestershire, England) Company of Annie Horniman, Manchester
The Trojan Women (1912) 1912 New Masonic Hall (Oxford, County of Oxfordshire, England) University of Oxford (Society of Oxford Home-Students)
Trojan Women (1913) 1913 Chicago Little Theatre (Chicago, State of Illinois, United States), St James Gothic Hall (United States) Chicago Little Theatre
Trojan Women (1915) 1915 University of Harvard (Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States), College of the City of New York (CCNY) (New York City, New York, United States), Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut, United States), University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States), Princeton University (Princeton, State of New Jersey, United States) Company of Lillah McCarthy & Harley Granville-Barker
Trojan Women (1915) 1915 Chicago Little Theatre (Chicago, State of Illinois, United States), Blackstone Theater (Chicago, State of Illinois, United States) Chicago Little Theatre
Die Troerinnen des Euripides [Euripides' The Trojan Women] (1916) 1916 Lessing-Theater (1888-1945) (Berlin, Land Berlin, Germany)
Hécube (1916 - 1917) 1916
Die Troerinnen (1916) 1916 Lessing-Theater (1888-1945) (Berlin, Land Berlin, Germany)
Die Troerinnen (1917) 1917 unknown venue (Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
"X = O: A Night in the Trojan War" (1917) 1917 Birmingham Repertory Theatre (Birmingham, County of Worcestershire, England)
Trojan Women (1918) 1918 Connecticut College (New London, Connecticut, United States) Connecticut College (Department of Greek)
The Trojan Women (1919) 1919 Alhambra Theatre (London, Greater London, England), Palace Theatre, Cowley Road (Oxford, County of Oxfordshire, England), Old Vic (London, Greater London, England), Holborn Empire (London, Greater London, England)
The Trojan Women (1919) 1919 University of California (Los Angeles, State of California, United States) University of California, Los Angeles
Script Year Contributors
Blind Eye Crying (2010) 2010 Glyn Maxwell
Die Troerinnen Walter Jens
Die Troerinnen Volker Braun
Die Troerinnen (1920) 1920 Franz Werfel
Escape from Troy Baņuta Rubess
Femmes de Troie Matthias Langhoff
Fragments of a Trilogy: Medea, Trojan Women, and Electra Andrei Serban
Hécube: A Drama in One Act Maurice Bernhardt, Réné Clarance
Hekuba [rev. Die Trojanerinnen: ein originaltrauerspiel in Versen] Johann Elias Schlegel
In-Nisa ta’ Trojja John Suda
King Priam (1962) 1962 Michael Tippett
La Famine, ou les Gabéonites Jean de La Taille
La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu (1935) 1935 Jean Giraudoux
La Troade (1579) 1579 Robert Garnier
Le Troiane Edoardo Sanguineti
Le Troiane Micha Van Hoecke
Le Troiane Ettore Romagnoli
Les Troyennes Jean-Paul Sartre
Muslim Babae Sedfrey Ordonez
Peeling (2002) 2002 Kaite O'Reilly
Peeling (revised ed) (2011) 2011 Kaite O'Reilly
Queens of Syria (2013) 2013
The Common Chorus Tony Harrison
The Greeks John Barton, Kenneth Cavander
The Lost Women of Troy Hanoch Levin
The Trojan Women Neil Currie
The Trojan Women L. G. Harry, Chuck Pulliam
The Trojan Women Gilbert Murray (1866-1975)
The Trojan Women Philip Vellacott
The Trojan Women Nicholas Rudall
The Trojan Women Marianne McDonald
The Trojan Women F. Kinchin Smith
The Trojan Women E. J. Dent
The Trojan Women Ellen McLaughlin
The Trojan Women Eli Malka
The Trojan Women (1967) 1967 Ronald Duncan
The Trojan Women (1993) 1993 Brendan Kennelly
The Trojan Women: A Love Story Charles L. Mee
The Woman: Scenes of War and Freedom Edward Bond
The Women of Troy George Taylor
The Women of Troy Mariam Rosser-Owen
The Women of Troy (2023) 2023 Linda Marshall Griffiths
The Yiddish Trojan Women Carole Braverman
To Telos ton Atreidon Nikos Chourmouziadis
Toroia no Onnna [Trojan Women] Chiaki Matsudaira, Makoto Ooka
Troades Michael Cacoyannis
Troades Kostis Kolotas
Troades Thrasyvoulos Stavrou
Troades Tasos Roussos
Troades G. Th. Maltezou
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Title Format Date
'Agamemnon' Has Its Turn in Trilogy Photocopy
A History of the Production Production chronology
Article : 'Greek tragedy' Newspaper cutting
BMCR Tantalus review Print-out
Cassandra Now! - excerpt from dance-drama production on videotape Videotape
Description of Teaterspeilet 3/10/67 : television programme discussing Trojanerinnene 1967 Print-out
Die Aufführung griechischer Dramen am Akademischen Gymnasium in Wien Photocopy
Drama on 3 : Peeling : Radio Listing Print-out
Dramaten Website : Production Listing Print-out
Email : The Greeks Print-out
Email and Denver symposium papers : Tantalus Print-out
Email re. Tantalus KCL conference Print-out
Euripides, The Trojan Women Programme
Full cast and crew listing : Sceneweb Print-out
Hécube Photocopy
Inizjamed Biography of Marcelle Teuma (director) Print-out
Letter re. Idomeneus Handwritten letter
Letter re. Tantalus Correspondence
Letter re. Tantalus Correspondence
Listing of Greek tragedy productions by time periods Listing
MPhil Dissertation: Dionysus in Soixante-Neuf: Genre Trouble and Time Travel in Tony Harrison's The Common Chorus Offprint
National Film Theatre programme notes: Michael Cacoyannis' Trojan Women Cast list & credits
Online biography: Mark Spiteri Lucas (musician) Print-out
Performances of Greek Drama at Wellesley, Massachusetts Production chronology
Photographs from stagings of Greek and Roman drama at Teatr Nowy, Łódź CD
Poster Poster
Programme: Women of Troy Programme
Promotional videotape - Actors of Dionysus: A New Approach Videotape
Scene from The Trojan Women Photocopy
Tantalus email discussion Print-out
Tantalus review essay Print-out
The Trojan Women Programme
The Trojan Women Programme
The Women of Troy Book
The Women of Troy & The Bacchae Poster
The Women of Troy and Helen Photocopy
Tragedy in the Bowl! Article
Troades Programme
Trojan Women Programme
Trojan Women - undated video tape Videotape
Trojan Women: Print Out of Theatre Company's Website Print-out
TW 1963 December Personal notes
Vous cherchez? Print-out
Website detailing production dates Print-out
Royal Court Theatre Photocopy 1905
Greek Plays in America Print-out 1910
The littlest theater Photocopy 1913
The Trojan Women of Euripides Photocopy 1913
Collection of INDA postcards of posters for productions 1914-1992 Postcard 1914
The Trojan Women - photograph of the scene (v. 156) Photograph 1915