Research collections

The APGRD holds a unique range of archival, digital and bibliographic resources about the reception of ancient texts.

For a brief history of the APGRD collection in the context of museums, archives and collecting more generally, see Fiona Macintosh's chapter (PDF) in The Cambridge Companion to Theatre History (Cambridge, 2012), eds. D. Wiles and C. Dymkowski. 

Performance database

The performance database is an online resource that details quantitative information about performances of Greek and Roman drama from antiquity to the present day. The information has been collated by researchers working with the project over several years. 

Archives and Library

The APGRD holds physical materials that document the history of performances of Greek and Roman Drama. The general collections archive has grown out of the materials collected and donated by researchers since the beginning of the APGRD project, in particular by Oliver Taplin, Edith Hall and Fiona Macintosh. There are also several comprehensive collections of practitioners' papers documenting their work with ancient drama; these comprise the APGRD's special collections archive. You can see exactly what the APGRD holds in the archives using the archive catalogueThe APGRD also houses a comprehensive library on the performance and reception of ancient texts. This collation of scholarship is entirely unique.

Researchers, students and practitioners can consult our archival material and library items by appointment. Please see the visit us page for further details about our current opening hours and about how to book an appointment.