Special collections archive

The APGRD holds several comprehensive collections of practitioners' personal and institutional papers that have been donated specifically to the APGRD. These are held as part of the special collections archive, giving a unique insight into the 20th-century development of ancient plays on stage. To date, we hold three special collections:

The Leyhausen-Spiess collection documents the work of Professor Wilhelm Leyhausen on the Sprechchor and the International Delphiad Festivals from the 1920s to the 1970s. The records of the Delphic Institute, which he founded, are preserved in this collection.

The Farrah collection documents the work of the Algerian designer Abd'Elkader Farrah. Focusing primarily on Greek and Shakespearian productions, the collection includes his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company under Michel Saint Denis.

The Raeburn collection documents the work of David Raeburn on school and university productions, including the Bradfield Greek play, which toured to Europe.

Donating to the special collections archive

The APGRD welcomes offers and suggestions for extending the special collections archive. We can ensure the collection is catalogued and stored to international standards. Please contact the APGRD director Fiona Macintosh, to discuss possibilities.