Close up of 1865 play text, Robert Brough's Medea

Digital Resources

Welcome to the Digital Resources section. The APGRD is committed to widening access to our collections, expertise, and events. Here you can find recordings of our past events, our multimedia/interactive ebooks, and links to our Podcast series and our Blog.

Research Collections

To explore our online productions database, ancient performance database and archive catalogue, visit the Research Collections section.

Event Recordings

The APGRD has been running public lectures since 1998, visit our Event Recordings page to catch up on lectures and in-conversation events with directors, actors, and playwrights as well as leading scholars in the fields of Classics, Classical Reception studies, Theatre and Performance studies, Comparative Literature studies, Music, and beyond.

Interactive/multimedia eBooks

The APGRD has produced two free interactive, multimedia eBooks that allow you to explore the performance histories of Euripides' Medea and Aeschylus' Agamemnon respectively, through digitised archival material, video clips, and bespoke interviews with academics and creative practitioners. Medea, a performance history was published in 2016 and Agamemnon, a performance history was published in 2020.

Blog and Podcast

In 2018 the APGRD launched its Blog, authored by members of the APGRD as well as guest researchers and creative practitioners. 2020 saw the launch of our complementary Podcast. Explore the blog and podcast recordings to find out more about current research and creative projects, as well as the stories behind objects in our archive collections.

Useful Links

There is a wide range of resources relating to the Reception of ancient drama, Classics, and Theatre and Performance studies available across on the web. For our curated list of sites, visit the useful links page.

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