Episode 5: Reading Greek Tragedy Online

with Paul O'Mahony, Joel Christensen, and Lanah Koelle

Photograph of Lanah KoellePhotograph of Joel ChristensenPhotograph of Paul O'MahonyIn this episode of our podcast we were joined by Paul O'Mahony (left), Joel Christensen (middle), and Lanah Koelle (right) - the artistic director, host, and executive producer respectively of the Reading Greek Tragedy Online series - an ongoing project that began during the first weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown. With over 60 actors and researchers from across the globe, the team hope to present all extant Greek tragedies by the end of 2020.

The project is a collaboration between Out of Chaos Theatre, Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies, and the Kosmos Society; you can watch all past performances on Out of Chaos' website.

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Speakers: Paul O'Mahony, Joel Christensen, and Lanah Koelle; introduced by Claire Barnes.
Production: Giovanna Di Martino and Claire Barnes. Recorded in August 2020.


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Left: Reading Greek Tragedy Online posters designed by John Koelle and Allie Marbry