Episode 2: Sicily and Greek Theatre

A podcast with Oliver Taplin and Giovanna Di Martino

Photograph of Giovanna Di MartinoPhotograph of Oliver TaplinThis episode of Staging the Archive brings together Professor Oliver Taplin (Emeritus Professor of Classics, Oxford, and co-founder of the APGRD) and Dr Giovanna Di Martino (Lecturer in Classics, Oxford), to discuss Sicily's privileged relationship with ancient Greek theatre. In particular, they focus on early-mid 20th century performances of Aeschylus' Agamemnon at the Greek theatre at Syracuse.

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Speakers: Oliver Taplin and Giovanna Di Martino; introduced by Claire Barnes.
Production by Claire Barnes and Giovanna Di Martino. Recorded in March 2020.


A transcript of this podcast is available to download as a PDF

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Accompanying blog post

You can also read Giovanna's accompanying post, exploring the relevance of the Syracuse Festival during this period, over on our blog

Left: photograph of the set of the 1914 Agamemnon at Siracusa; APGRD Collections, reproduced courtesy of and © AFI Archivio Fondazione INDA