Episode 15: Choreographing Sophocles

with Leo Aylen and David WilesHeadshot of David WilesHeadshot of Leo Aylen

Leo Aylen, a poet, author, actor, director, broadcaster, and screenwriter, has engaged significantly with classical material over the course of his career. In this podcast episode, he discusses his sell-out production of Antigone at the Greenwich Theatre. His interlocutor is David Wiles, Emeritus Professor of Drama at the University of Exeter, who himself has translated and directed several Greek plays. Their key question: how much do we know about Sophocles' choreography, and what do we do with this knowledge today?

The passages from Leo Aylen's translation discussed in the episode are available to read online; copyright Leo Aylen 1985.


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Speakers: Leo Aylen and David Wiles. Introduced by Claire Barnes.


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