Detail from Gilbert Murray's English-Greek typewriter © President and Fellows of St John’s College, Oxford


Our blog is authored by members of the APGRD team, guest researchers, and creative practitioners. Find out more about our work, events, and the stories behind objects from our archive. Access the posts from the left-hand side of this page, or select an image below to find out more.

Dancing With Apollo Workshop: Choreographer Kim Brandstrup; dancers Liam Riddick and Laurel Dalley-SmithLatest post

Professor Sue Jones, Director of Dance Scholarship Oxford, reflects on the week-long residency that developed a new dance-piece on the myth of Cupid and Psyche. Read: Dancing with Apollo - Oxford Residency >>

Guest Posts

In this series invited guests share insights into their own research, archival discoveries, and creative practices.

Photograph of Professor Sue JonesPhotographs of Shivaike Shah and Fran Amewudah, links to blog post

Photographs of Edith Hall and Rosie Wyles, links to blog postPhotograph from the 2019 Chorus workshop, links to blog postProf Mike Lippman and his students from Nebraska-Lincoln, links to blog postPhotograph of Marie-Louise Crawley, links to blog postPhotograph of Máirín O'Hagan, links to blog postPhotograph of Chris Vervain surrounded by theatre masks, links to blog post

Photograph of Peter Brown, links to blog post

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The Archive in 100 Objects

In this series, members of the APGRD team and guest researchers explore the larger stories told by objects held in our archive collections.

Photograph of the cover of the programme notes for Manara Productions' Hecuba, 1987First page of Antigone Aantekeningen, a production diary by Stefan HertmansTicket to The Lysistrata Project, Seattle, 2003Leopoldo Metlicovitz’s poster for Agamemnon 1914 © INDAPhotograph of letter from Jane Ellen Harrison to J.F. Crace, dated November 1900