Episode 3: The Chorus in Contemporary Performance

with Estelle Baudou and Struan Leslie 

Photograph of Struan LesliePhotograph of Estelle BaudouThis episode brings together Dr Estelle Baudou (Marie-Curie Research Fellow at the APGRD; actor and dramaturg) and Struan Leslie (movement director and choreographer; founding Head of Movement at the RSC 2008-2013). Estelle and Struan begin with a photograph from the 2019 danced chorus workshop to discuss their professional and personal understandings of the changing role of the ancient Greek chorus.

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Speakers: Estelle Baudou and Struan Leslie; introduced by Giovanna Di Martino.
Production by Giovanna Di Martino and Claire Barnes. Recorded in June 2020.


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You can read more about the workshop, run by the APGRD, DANSOX, C-DARE (University of Coventry) and the Oxford University Classical Drama Society on the APGRD's blog


Left: Photograph of the Chorus workshop, September 2019; photo by Struan Leslie