Episode 11: Queer Andromeda

Headshot photograph of Charlotte Vickerswith Hannah Greenstreet and Charlotte VickersHeadshot photograph of Hannah Greenstreet

This episode brings together Hannah Greenstreet (left) and Charlotte Vickers (right), respectively the writer and director of the TORCH-funded project Andromeda - a queer retelling of Euripides' lost play. Recorded ahead of a full production (27-31 July 2021) at Camden People's Theatre, Hannah and Charlotte discuss the project, its process, and the importance of centring queer experience in storytelling. Since 2017, the play has been developed with support from Arts Council England, TORCH Theatres Seed Fund, Camden People’s Theatre, Nottingham Playhouse, the APGRD, Pegasus Theatre and the Oxford Playhouse. 


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Speakers: Hannah Greenstreet and Charlotte Vickers; introduced by Giovanna Di Martino.
Production: Giovanna Di Martino and Claire Barnes. Recorded in July 2021.


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