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Reception of ancient drama

Ancient Theatre Project Based at the Institute of Classical Studies, London, the Ancient Theatre Project concerns the identification and cataloguing of archaeological material relating to the history of ancient theatre. The range of materials includes representations of stage scenes, actors in costume, masks and other theatrical equipment in many different media: sculpture, vase painting, terracotta figures, bronzes, mosiacs, and gems

Antikerezeption in der deutschsprachigen Literatur nach 1945 A project at the Freie Universität Berlin which aims to create an archive documenting the presence of Greek and Roman antiquity in contemporary German literature through the systematic collection and evaluation of material in a database

Antiquipop - L'Antiquité dans la culture populaire contemporaine Antiquity, Pop Culture and Politics

Australian Classical Reception Studies Network

Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception (CADRE) Founded in 1998 by the Department of Classics at the University of Nottingham to promote research in Greek and Roman drama and its impact on later traditions

Centro Interuniversitario di ricerca di "Studi sulla Tradizione", an inter-university research centre on "studies of tradition" based at the University of Bari Aldo Moro

Classical Receptions in Drama and Poetry in English from c.1970 An Open University project directed by Professor Lorna Hardwick

Classical Reception Studies Network was formed in early 2004 as a collaboration between six universities with research specialisms in various aspects of Classical Reception Studies (Bristol, Durham, Nottingham, Open, Oxford, Reading). The aims of the Network include the promotion of rigorous debate about all aspects of classical reception studies and the development of seminars and workshops to encourage the exchange of expertise and growth of collaborative projects

Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sul Teatro Antico (CRIMTA) was established at the Università degli Studi di Pavia in 2000

Database of performances of ancient drama in the Czech Republic

Didaskalia: Ancient Theater Today An electronic resource and journal dedicated to the study of ancient Greek and Roman drama and its reception

European Network of Research and Documentation of Ancient Greek Drama Performances The Network aims to establish an expansion and a re-orientation, as well as to improve the traditional methods of teaching, ancient drama by creating new activities of an interdisciplinary and comparative nature

International Society for the Study of Greek and Roman Music and its Cultural Heritage

TeA: Centro di Studi e di Ricerca sul Teatro Antico based at the University of Roma "Tor Vergata"

Reading Greek Tragedy Online created during the first weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown, this project delivers weekly streamed readings and discussions of ancient dramas - run by Harvard University's Center for Hellenic Studies, the Kosmos Society and Out Of Chaos theatre company

Reception of the Texts and Images of Ancient Greece in Late Twentieth-century Drama and Poetry in English A research project at the Department of Classical Studies, The Open University, with various online resources including a pilot version of their database and a bibliography of project publications

Resources for classics

American Philological Association

Classical Association

Classics Confidential is a vodcasting site run by Jessica Hughes and Elton Barker from The Open University. Founded in 2010, the site aims to bring current work in Classics to a wider audience through the medium of video. You can subscribe to the Youtube channel and join the Facebook group to be notified of new postings

Contexts for Classics An inter-departmental initiative at the University of Michigan which aims to rethink the discipline of Classical Studies from various critical, historical and pedagogical perspectives. CfC sponsors events which explore the relationship between antiquity and modernity and interrogate the construction of a Classical ideal

Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford

Institute of Classical Studies Incorporating the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies and the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies

University of British Columbia, Department of Philosophy 'Socrates on Trial'

Resources for theatre and performance studies

AusStage, a free, fully searchable, event database of Australian live performance

Bristol Theatre Collection, a museum and research centre dedicated to the study of British Theatre History

Centre for Performance Research, based in Aberystwyth, Wales

The Cuban Theater Digital Archive (CTDA), a digital humanities partnership between the University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences and the Libraries, in cooperation with Cuba's National Council for the Performing Arts and the Center for Scenic Design Studies

Digital Archive of the State Theater of Northern Greece (Kratiko Theatro Voreiou Ellados), one of the biggest theatre organizations in Greece and Europe, the State Theater of Northern Greece is not just responsible for theatrical productions but extends its work to cultural sectors such as education, literature and the arts through the organization of exhibitions, conferences, festivals, and theatre-educational programmes. Its digital archive contains over 2,000 videos and nearly 7,000 images, covering over 800 productions since 1961

INDA: Istituto Nazionale Del Dramma Antico continues to run its celebrated theatre festival and houses its own archive

The International Federation for Theatre Research exists to promote collaboration and the exchange of information between individuals and organisations concerned with theatre research, supporting conferences and publications and assisting its members in all such activities and projects

Jocelyn Herbert Archive, the archives of one of Britain's most important stage designers - held at the National Theatre Archives, London

Laboratorio Dionysios, a digital archive of ancient theatre based at the University of Trento

National Resource Centre for Dance (NRCD), based at the University of Surrey, the NRCD was founded in 1982 with the aim of providing support services to dance education and research

National Theatre Archive, the repository for the administrative and technical records of the National Theatre. The collection covers the period from the inception of the company in 1963 to the present day

SIBMAS (Société Internationale des Bibliothèques et des Musées des Arts du Spectacle), the international association of libraries and museums of the performing arts

The Skenè Project, a scholarly enterprise and international research network comprising a journal, a peer-reviewed series, and an open-access digital archive

The University of Malta's School of Performing Arts - Collection of Ephemera archive - including scripts, programme notes, newspaper cuttings

The V&A Theatre and Performance Archives include many archives from performing arts companies and other organisations, as well as from individuals such as performers, stage designers and private collectors

Selected theatre companies

Actors of Dionysus, Britain's leading theatre company dedicated to the performance of classical Greek drama

Aquila Theatre Company, a professional Company in Residence, Center for Ancient Studies, New York University

Bradfield College: The Greek Play

Cambridge Greek Play

Ośrodek Praktyk Teatralnych ‘Gardzienice’

Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico

Hydrama Theatre and Arts Centre, a venue for performance and study of Greek drama in Greece

King's College Greek Play

Out of Chaos

Theatro Technis, London

Thiasos, a London-based theatre group whose mission is to put music, dance, colour and spectacle back at the centre of Greek tragedy and comedy