Contributions made by this person

Title Published Contributors
Aristophanes' Acharnians W. W. Merry, Aristophanes
Aristophanes' Frogs W. W. Merry, Aristophanes
Aristophanis Comoediae Aristophanes, F. A. Hall, W. M. Geldart
Lysistrata Aristophanes, Dudley Fitts
The Plays of Aristophanes, Sophocles and Euripides John Hookham Frere, Thomas Francklin, Michael Wodhull, Aristophanes, Sophocles AKA Sophokles, Euripides
Aristophanis Comɶdiæ Vol.2 1858 Aristophanes
Comoediae (Comedies) 1876 Aristophanes
Aristophanes' Wasps 1897 W. J. M. Starkie, Aristophanes
The Plutus of Aristophanes 1898 Aristophanes, W. C. Green
Aristophanes, Aves 1904 Aristophanes, W. W. Merry
Aristophanes: Four Plays: Acharnians, Knights, Birds, Frogs 1912 John Hookham Frere, Aristophanes, W. W. Merry
The Plutus of Aristophanes 1912 Aristophanes, William Rann Kennedy
Aristophanis Nubes 1929 Aristophanes, W. W. Merry
The Acharnians of Aristophanes 1930 Aristophanes, Benjamin Bickley Rogers
The Plays of Aristophanes vol.1 1943 Aristophanes
The Acharnians and Three Other Plays 1949 Aristophanes, John P. Maine
Aristophanes - Two Plays (Peace, Lysistrata) 1953 Aristophanes, Doros Alastos
The Birds 1957 Aristophanes, Dudley Fitts
Aristophanes' Birds and Plautus' Brothers Menaechmus 1958 Peter D. Arnott, Plautus, Aristophanes
Ladies' Day 1959 Aristophanes, Dudley Fitts
The Frogs 1968 Aristophanes, W. B. Stanford
Aristophanes Four Comedies: Lysistrata, The Acharnians, The Congresswomen, The Frogs 1968 Aristophanes, Douglass Parker, Richmond Lattimore, William Arrowsmith
Acharnians, Knights, Clouds, Wasps, Peace 1969 Aristophanes, Patric Dickinson
Birds, Lysistrata, Thesmophoriazusai, Frogs, Ecclesiazusai, Ploutos 1969 Aristophanes, Patric Dickinson
The Frogs and Other Greek Plays (The Birds, Prometheus Bound, Medea) 1969 Aristophanes, Kenneth McLeish, Euripides, Aeschylus
Ecclesiazusai 1973 Aristophanes, Robert G. Ussher
Clouds, Women in Power, Knights 1979 Aristophanes, Kenneth McLeish
Acharnians 1980 Aristophanes, Alan H. Sommerstein
Clouds 1980 Aristophanes, Sir Kenneth J. Dover
Knights 1981 Aristophanes, Alan H. Sommerstein
Clouds 1982 Aristophanes, Alan H. Sommerstein
Wasps 1983 Aristophanes, Alan H. Sommerstein
Peace 1985 Aristophanes, Alan H. Sommerstein
Birds 1987 Aristophanes, Alan H. Sommerstein
Lysistrata 1987 Aristophanes, Jeffrey Henderson
Wasps 1988 Aristophanes, Douglas M. MacDowell
Clouds, Acharnians, Lysistrata: A companion to the Penguin Translation 1989 Aristophanes, Kenneth Dover, Simon Tremewan
Der Frieden 1989 Aristophanes, Christoph Jungck
Lysistrata 1990 Alan Sommerstein, Aristophanes
Lysistrata 1990 Aristophanes, Alan H. Sommerstein
Peace 1990 Maurice Platnauer, Aristophanes
Thesmophoriazusae 1994 Aristophanes, Alan H. Sommerstein
Frogs 1996 Alan H. Sommerstein, Aristophanes
Aristophanes' Birds and Other Plays 1998 Aristophanes, Stephen Halliwell
Ecclesiazusai 1998 Aristophanes, Alan H. Sommerstein
Wealth 2001 Alan H. Sommerstein, Aristophanes
Wealth: The Comedies of Aristophanes Vol. 11 2001 Alan H. Sommerstein, Aristophanes
Lysistrata and Other Plays 2002 Aristophanes, Alan H. Sommerstein
The Birds 2002 Aristophanes, Sean O'Brien
Aristophanes Fragments 2007 Aristophanes, Jeffrey Henderson