Tragédies dEuripide, traduites du grec par M. Artaud (1842)


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Nicolas Louis Marie Artaud (1794-1861) Translator
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Prose translation by Nicolas Artaud of Euripides' extant plays in two volumes, published in 1842 by Lefèvre and Charpentier, reedited in 1850 (Paris, no publisher's name) and in 1857, 1866, 1874 and 1887 by Firmin-Didot. Three plays were published separately, all of them in the twentieth century: Iphigenie à Aulis, on its own in 1929 and 1939 (Paris: A l'enseigne du pot cassé and Abbeville: F. Paillart), paired with Alceste (undated, Paris: Nilsson) and paired with Racine's Iphigénie in 1993 and 1999 (Paris: Pocket). Alceste was published in 1933 (Paris: Fayard) and Andromaque in 1998 paired with Racine's Andromaque (Paris: Pocket). Sources: BNF catalogue général, Sudoc, Worldcat, Delcourt, Marie. Etude sur les traductions des tragiques grecs et latins en France depuis la Renaissance. 1925, p.231-36. The 1842 edition is available online: vol.1,_Artaud,_1842,_tome_1.djvu, (03/12/2011) vol.2 (03/12/2011).
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Paris: Lefèvre, 2 vols.

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