Prometheus (1927)

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Start date: 
9 May 1927
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Production notes: 
With thirty chorus members. A film version of this production survives (see ID 1803). The 1927 production was revived in 1930 (see ID 108).
Media of production: 
Greek, Modern (1453-)

Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Giorgos Bourlos Actor Prometheus
Ilias Destounis Actor Hephaistos / Hermes
Kostas Foskolos Set Designer
Giagkaki Actor Koryphaia
Orestis Kontogiannis Actor Kratos
Katerina Marouli AKA Katerina Kakouri Actor Io
G. Maurogenis Actor Okeanos
Eva Palmer-Sikelianos Choreographer
Eva Palmer-Sikelianos Director
Eva Palmer-Sikelianos Costumes
K. Pratsika Actor Koryphaia
Konstantinos A. Psachos Composer
El. Santro Masks
Snaïder Assistant Choreographer
M. Veloudiou Actor Via [Force]
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