I Sette Contro Tebe (1996)

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19 December 1996
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Rehearsal footage from this production was used in Martone's 1998 film Teatro di Guerra (see ID 2913).
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Marco Baliani Actor Eteocle
Maurizio Bizzi Actor Megareo
Anna Bonaiuto Actor Antigone
Salvatore Cantalupo Actor Tiresia
Antonella Cossia Actor Iperbio
Francesca Cutolo Actor Promessa sposa di Iperbio
Roberto de Francesco Actor Messaggero
Giovanna Giullani Actor Donna devota agli dei
Mario Martone Director
Andrea Renzi Director
Andrea Renzi Actor Polifonte
Vincenzo Saggese Actor Melanippo
Sergio Tramonti Set
Lucia Vitrone Actor Donna che assiste i feriti
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Teatro Nuovo (Naples, Campania, Italy) 19 December, 1996

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