Maurice Bowra

Contributions made by this person

Production Role Notes First performed Venues Companies
The Rhesus (1923) Prompter 1923 New College (Oxford, County of Oxfordshire, England) OUDS, Oxford University Dramatic Society
Clouds (1928) Assistant Producer 1928 New Theatre, George Street, New Theatre, Victoria Theatre (Oxford, County of Oxfordshire, England) OUDS, Oxford University Dramatic Society
Title Published Contributors
Tradition and Design in The Iliad 1930 Maurice Bowra
Greek Tragedy and Life: Essays Presented to Gilbert Murray on his Seventieth Birthday, January 2, 1936 1936 Cyril Bailey, E. A. Barber, Maurice Bowra, J. D. Denniston, D. L. Page, James William Mackail, A. A. Blakeway, Theodore Wade-Gery, H. J. Rose, J. L. Myres, A. W. Pickard-Cambridge, A. S. Owen, Richard Livingstone, T. B. L. Webster, A. M. Dale, Maurice Platnauer, Eduard Fraenkel, W. R. Halliday, E. Lobel, T. F. Higham, Eric Robertson Dodds AKA E. R. Dodds, Hilda Lockhart Lorimer (1873-1954) AKA Elizabeth Hilda Lockhart Lorimer
From the Greek 1942 T. F. Higham, Maurice Bowra
Sophoclean Tragedy 1943 Maurice Bowra
Homer and his Forerunners 1955 Maurice Bowra
Pindari Carmina cum Fragmentis 1961 Maurice Bowra, Pindar
Virgil: A Collection of Critical Essays 1966 Adam Parry, B. M. W. Knox, Brooks Otis, Bruno Snell, C. S. Lewis (1891-1963), Jacques Perret, Maurice Bowra, R. A. Brooks, R. W. B. Lewis, Steele Commager, Theodore Haecker, Viktor Pöschl, Wendell Clausen
Sopokles 1967 A. M. Dale, Cedric H. Whitman, Friedrich Zucker, G. M. Kirkwood, G. Zuntz, Gerhard Müller, Gilbert Murray (1866-1975), H. D. F. Kitto, Hans Diller, Ignacio Errandonea, J. C. Kamerbeek, K. Alt, Maurice Bowra, R. P. Winnington-Ingram, Rudolf Pfeiffer, Thalia Phillies Feldman, Walter Jens, Wolfgang Schadewaldt
Twentieth Century Interpretations of Oedipus Rex 1968 Michael J. O'Brien, Eric Robertson Dodds AKA E. R. Dodds, E. T. Owen, Richmond Lattimore, Karl Reinhardt, Francis Fergusson, G. M. Kirkwood, Victor Ehrenberg, R. P. Winnington-Ingram, B. M. W. Knox, Plutarch, Longinus, Voltaire, James George Frazer, Paul Shorey, T. B. L. Webster, Werner Jaeger, A J. A. Waldock, Maurice Bowra, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Gould, Erich Fromm, Theodore Thass-Thienemann, George Thomson, Richmond Y. Hathorn, Richard B. Sewall, Marshall McLuhan
Aeschylus: A Collection of Critical Essays 1972 Marsh McHall, Maurice Bowra, Thomas G. Rosenmeyer, John H. Finley, Richmond Lattimore, N. G. L. Hammond, Robert F. Goheen, George Thomson, C. J. Herington, Peter Green, Gilbert Murray (1866-1975)
Homer 1972 Maurice Bowra
Pindar 2000 Maurice Bowra