The Rhesus (1923)

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Start date: 
23 June 1923
End date: 
28 June 1923
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Original language
Media of production: 
Greek, Ancient (to 1453)

Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Rhesos Euripides
Person Role Notes
C. K. Allen Costumes made the costumes
S. M. Allen Actor Chorus Member
Anthony Asquith Actor Paris
Cyril Bailey Producer
L. Barnaby Actor Chorus Member
H. D. Behrens Actor Trojan
Cecil Bellamy Actor Muse
Maurice Bowra Prompter
E. M. Browne Actor Diomede
H. D. Bruce Actor Chorus Member
E. L. Bush Actor Thracian
Cedric A. L. Cliffe Actor Charioteer of Rhesus
T. B. C. Coen Actor Chorus Member
A. C. Collingridge Actor Trojan
G. H. W. Cullinan Actor Chorus Member
A. de Zulueta Actor Trojan
R. E. Ellison Actor Leader of Semi-Chorus
E. L. C. Galloway Actor Thracian
J. B. O. Gardiner Actor Chorus Member
R. P. H. Goolden Actor Dolon
A. W. Griffiths Actor Chorus Member
A. P. Grundy Actor Odysseus
J. Hennessy Actor Trojan
W. F. Hunt Actor Chorus Member
Gyles Isham Actor Hector
Kenneth Johnstone Actor Athena
M. V. Lambert Actor Aeneas
G. F. le Tall Actor Thracian
Robert P. Longden Actor Rhesus
R. Geoffrey A. Meade (1902-1992) Actor Chorus Member
R. D. Messel Actor Thracian
J. L. Myres Costume Designer
E. F. Napier-Jones Actor Trojan
H. S. Northcote Actor Thracian
J. F. Perkins Actor Chorus Member
R. E. Priestley Actor Chorus Member
A. H. Rees Actor Leader of Semi-Chorus
C. B. Sampson Actor Coryphaeus
A. Snell Actor Chorus Member
J. R. Sutro Actor Trojan
A. Tandy Actor Shepherd
P. W. S. Waddington Actor Thracian
Ernest Walker Composer
Evelyn Waugh Designer designed the programme
Jack A. Westrup Actor Chorus Member
Venue Festival Dates Notes
New College (Oxford, County of Oxfordshire, England) 22 June, 1923 to 27 June, 1923 in the gardens

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