The Oresteian Trilogy (1921)

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Start date: 
2 March 1921
End date: 
9 March 1921
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See ID 2777 for the film version of this production.
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Greek, Ancient (to 1453)

Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Dennis D. Arundell Actor Chorus Leader
R. C. N. Barton Actor Clytaemnestra
Donald H. Beves Actor Orestes
J. Burnaby Director
W. Le B. Egerton Actor Cassandra
C. Armstrong Gibbs Composer
Alec Penrose Designer
W. L. Runciman Actor Agamemnon
George W. H. Rylands Actor Electra
Sir John T. Sheppard AKA J. Sheppard Director
Sir John T. Sheppard AKA J. Sheppard
Charles Wood Conductor

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