Bacchai (2002)

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8 May 2002
End date: 
29 June 2002
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Harrison Birtwistle (1934) Composer
Alison Chitty Designer
Peter Hall Director
Vicki Hallam Masks
Greg Hicks Actor Dionysus / Teiresias / Servant
William Houston Actor Pentheus / Agave
David Ryall Actor Cadmus / Soldier / Herdsman
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Greek drama brilliantly staged - but one thing is missing Print-out archive
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Behind the masks; their passion for 'one of the best plays ever written' has persuaded director Peter Hall and composer Harrison Birtwistle to revive their partnership Print-out archive
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The big interview … Colin Teevan Print-out archive
Transcript of an interview with Peter Hall [on themes of Bacchai] Print-out archive
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Houston's Pentheus radiates the baffled indignation of a blustering weakling Print-out archive
Greek drama that still startles Print-out archive
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