Alcestis (2000)

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14 September 2000
End date: 
23 September 2000
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Rachel Jane Allen Actor Maid / Vulture
David Beckford Actor Chorus 2 / Prometheus
Andrew Cryer Actor Admetos
Brian Harris Lighting Designer
David Hounslow Actor Death / Heracles
Ted Hughes Writer
Frank Moorey Actor Pheres / God
Conrad Nelson Composer
Conrad Nelson Assistant Director
Sarah Parks Actor Maid
Adrian Rees Designer
Barrie Rutter Director
Barrie Rutter Actor Apollo
Tom Silburn Actor Lichas
Adam Sunderland Actor Iolaus
Joanne Thirsk Actor Alcestis
Andrew Vincent Actor Chorus 1
Andy Wear Actor Servant
Andrew Whitehead Actor Chorus 3
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