The House of Atreus (1966 - 1968)

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Start date: 
1 January 1966
End date: 
31 December 1968
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Production notes: 
Van Steen (p.53) dates the première of this production to 1966.
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Dominick Argento Composer incidental music
Edward Binns Actor Soldier
Douglas Campbell Actor Clytemnestra / Athena
Len Cariou Actor Orestes
Dahl Delu Masks
Robin Gammell Actor Cassandra / Electra
Tyrone Guthrie Director
Philip Kerr Actor Pylades / Priestess of Apollo
George Mitchell Actor Servant
Tanya Moiseiwitsch Designer
Carolyn Parker Masks
Robert Pastene Actor Aegisthus
Richard Ramos Actor Cilissa
Lee Richardson Actor Watchman / Agamemnon / Apollo
James Wallace Actor Hermes
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