Ifigenia in Aulide (1785)

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30 May 1785
Degree of relationship to ancient play: 
Distant relative
Production notes: 
This dramma per musica was commissioned by Ferdinand IV, King of Naples, for performance on his name-day; it had 18 further performances that summer. The production of the opera was accompanied by the ballets titled Circe abbandonata and Il mercante di Smirne, which featured as interval entertainments.
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Opera, musical and related genres
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Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Iphigenia at Aulis Euripides
Person Role Notes
Antonia Buonocore AKA Bonocore Costumographer
Domenico Chelli Scenographer
Domenico Lefèvre Choreographer of ballets
Innocenzo Lucci Singer Ulisse
Domenico Mombelli (1751-1835) Singer Agamennone, tenor
Anna Morichelli Bosello (c.1750/55-1800) Singer Ifigenia, soprano
Ignace Joseph Pleyel (1757-1831) Composer
Francesco Roncaglia (c.1750- after 1812) Singer Achille, soprano castrato
Antonio Rossetti Composer of ballets
Rosa Rota Lefèvre Singer Cilitennestra
Antonia Rubinacci Singer Arcade
Lorenzo Smiraglio Stage set and machinery
Apostolo Zeno (1668-1750) Librettist
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Teatro S. Carlo (Naples, Campania, Italy) 30 May, 1785

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