Reworking Epic: Across Time, Media and Cultures

Saturday, April 20, 2024 - 10:15am
Lecture Theatre, Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles, Oxford


This workshop brings together scholars working on the reception of epic in both the ancient and modern worlds.

Our goal is to track some of the diverse repurposings of the epic tradition across time, and to interrogate the overlaps and differences in the study of ancient ‘intertextuality’ and modern ‘reception’. We are particularly interested in thinking about the reworkings of Greek epic across different cultures and media: how is this privileged cultural form reconfigured for different value systems and modes of expression in both antiquity and the modern day?  

Topics covered will include Hellenistic epic in Macedon and Jerusalem, Christian epic in Late Antiquity, Latin poets’ gendered transformations of Greek epic, women’s embodied responses to Homeric weaving, the sampling of epic in contemporary hip hop, and Jan Křesadlo’s reworking of the ugly Thersites in his twentieth century sci-fi epic Astronautilia

The workshop will coincide with the UK premiere of US singer-songwriter Joe Goodkin's Odyssey, a modern reinterpretation of the Homeric poem. 

Confirmed speakers:

  • Thomas Biggs (St Andrews)
  • Ben Broadbent (Oxford)
  • Milly Cox (Oxford)
  • Joe Goodkin (Chicago)
  • Emma Greensmith (Oxford)
  • Rebecca Laemmle (Cambridge)
  • Thomas Nelson (Oxford)
  • Justine McConnell (KCL)

Organised by Thomas Nelson and Fiona Macintosh with the support of the APGRD.


Details about how to register will follow in due course. 


The Ioannou Centre lecture theatre is located on the ground floor and the Centre is fully wheelchair accessible; an accessible toilet is located on the ground floor and on the first floor. The lecture theatre is equipped with a hearing induction loop. Please see the online Access Guide for more details about the building's accessibility. Feel free to email the apgrd at   with any queries.