The Classics Faculty Reception Seminars are held weekly by the APGRD each Monday throughout Michaelmas Term (October to December).

Online Seminars

2021: Receptions and Comparatisms
Convened by Fiona Macintosh, Justine McConnell, and David Ricks. Co-organised with TORCH and the BCLA, and with the support of OCCT. Online; recordings available on YouTube >>



Medieval language map of Europe linking to seminar series page2020: Classical Literature and the Mind of Europe
Convened by Fiona Macintosh and David Ricks. Online; recordings available on YouTube >>


Previous Seminars

2019: Classics and Poetry Now
Convened by Lorna Hardwick & Fiona Macintosh


2018: Classics and the Now
Convened by Felix Budelmann & Fiona Macintosh


2016: Reception and World Literature
Convened by Constanze Güthenke & Justine McConnell

2015: Reception and Scholarship
Convened by Constanze Güthenke & Fiona Macintosh

2014: Reception and the Senses
Convened by Fiona Macintosh & Helen Slaney


2013: Reception and Genre
Convened by Fiona Macintosh & Tim Whitmarsh

2012: Reception and Translation
Convened by Fiona Macintosh & Chris Pelling

2011: Reception and Politics
Convened by Fiona Macintosh & Tim Rood


2010: Reception and its Relations
Convened by Joshua Billings & Fiona Macintosh