The APGRD classical reception seminars are held weekly during Michaelmas Term on Mondays at 11:30am, in the First Floor Seminar Room, Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles', Oxford.

2019: Classics and Poetry Now

The 2019 seminar series, Classics and Poetry Now, convened by Lorna Hardwick and Fiona Macintosh, begins on Monday 14 October and runs until Monday 2 December. This year's series is co-hosted by Lorna Hardwick's Classics and Poetry Now Network and the APGRD. Please see the Classics and Poetry Now page for the full list of speakers and their papers.


Past Seminar Series:

2018: Classics and the Now
Convened by Felix Budelmann and Fiona Macintosh



2016: Reception and World Literature
Convened by Constanze Güthenke and Justine McConnell


2015: Reception and Scholarship
Convened by Constanze Güthenke and Fiona Macintosh



2014: Reception and the Senses
Convened by Fiona Macintosh and Helen Slaney



2013: Reception and Genre
Convened by Fiona Macintosh and Tim Whitmarsh



2012: Reception and Translation
Convened by Fiona Macintosh and Chris Pelling



2011: Reception and Politics
Convened by Fiona Macintosh and Tim Rood



2010: Reception and its Relations
Convened by Joshua Billings and Fiona Macintosh