David Raeburn collection

David Raeburn was a teacher of Classics and a school headmaster. His special interests lie in Greek tragedy, Roman poetry and the spoken delivery of Greek and Latin. David has played a key role in the revival of the Greek play, both in the original and in translation, and has directed many student productions of Greek drama, including the Bradfield and Cambridge Greek plays.

An ardent enthusiast for making Classics widely accessible, he set up, and for 18 years directed, a flourishing Summer School in Ancient Greek at Bryanston (JACT) that still runs annually. Now an octogenarian, he is still sharing his love of classical literature with students as a Lector in Classical languages at New College, Oxford, and continues to direct performances of Greek drama.

This collection is comprised of personal records of David Raeburn's productions, such as annotated promptbooks, in particular the Bradfield School Greek play, which he twice took to mainland Europe to perform in the Delphiad festivals (see Leyhausen-Spiess collection).