Teatro di San Giovanni Grisostomo (Venice, Veneto, Italy)

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Format: 2023
Format: 2023
Production First performed Companies Ancient works performed
Penelope la casta [Penelope the Chaste] (1685) 1685 Odyssey, Heroides, Biblioteca, Fabulae
Il ripudio d' Ottavia (1699) 1699 Octavia
Il Mitridate Eupatore (1707) 1707 Choephoroi (The Libation Bearers), Elektra, Elektra
Nerone (1721) 1721 Octavia
Arianna e Teseo (1727) 1727 Odyssey, Iliad, Carmina, Metamorphoses
L'Issipile (1732) 1732 Iliad, Argonautica, Metamorphoses
L'Issipile (1732) 1732 Iliad, Theogony, Argonautica, Argonautica
Didone abbandonata (1751) 1751 Aeneid, Metamorphoses, Heroides
Achille in Sciro (1766) 1766 Achilleid

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