unknown venue (Padova, Veneto, Italy)

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Format: 2024
Format: 2024
Productionsort descending First performed Companies Ancient works performed
Aci, Galatea, e Polifemo Metamorphoses, Iliad, Theogony
Agamennone (2001) 2001 Liceo Classico G. Galilei, Pisa Agamemnon
Alceste (1777) 1777 Alkestis
Ecerinis (1314) 1314 Octavia
Edipo (1560) 1560 Oedipus
Edippo tragedia (1556) 1556 Oedipus the King, Oedipus, Phoinissai (The Phoenician Women)
Ermiona [Hermonia] (1636) 1636 Theogony, Metamorphoses
Il Ciclope [The Cyclops] (1695) 1695 Metamorphoses, Iliad, Theogony
L'amor della patria figurao nella partenza d'Ulisse dall'isola di Calisso [The Love of Country Involved in Ulysses' Departure from Calypso's Island] (1779) 1779 Odyssey
L'Apoteosi di Alcide (1732) 1732 Accademia dei Geniali, Padua Hippolytos, Phaedra
Le Baccanti (1912 - 1913) 1912 Bacchai
Narciso al fonte [Narcissus at the Spring] (1768) 1768 Metamorphoses, Dionysiaca
Orfeo ed Euridice (1770) 1770 Metamorphoses, Georgics

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