The Bees (1904)

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1 February 1904
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Person Role Notes
D. Brown Actor Priest
E. Buckley Actor Soothsayer
I. Butler Actor Chorus
W. Chittick Actor Examiner
E. Clayton Actor Peitheteira
K. Davis Actor Chorus
E. Denny Actor Prometheus
M. Gough Actor Chorus
D. Hewson Actor Chorus
E. Lewis Actor Chorus
G. Morlais Jones Actor Euelpide
S. Myers Actor Poet
M. Newman Actor Heniochos
E. Oliphant Actor Chancellor of Cambridge University
J. Paine Actor Triballion God
E. H. Sandford Singer sang the Queen Bee's Summons
H. Scott Actor Chorus
K. Sills Actor Chorus
M. Skinner Actor Queen of the Bees
B. Smythe Actor Dragon-Fly
G. Sykes Actor Iris
T. Williams Actor Chorus
M. Wood Actor Leader of the Chorus of Bees
D. Zimmern Actor Slave

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