Ippolito o Fedra (2005)

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26 May 2005
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Distant relative
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Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Hippolytos Euripides
Phaedra Seneca
Person Role Notes
Silvia Antonelli Actor Fedra
Anita Barghigiani Actor Artemide
Daniele Caramella Actor Messaggero
Leonardo Carriero Actor Ippolito
Chiara Cartei Actor Pasifae
Irene Chini Actor Nutrice
Flavia Faloppa Actor Afrodite
Francesca Nenci Director
Agnese Ruggieri Actor Toro
Francesca Tacchi Actor Teseo
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Teatro Verdi (Pisa, Tuscany, Italy) 25 May, 2005
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