Menaechmi (1493)

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22 May 1493
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The translation, probably with additions, was perhaps made by Duke Ercole I. It was performed on 22 (or 24?) May 1493 for the arrival of Isabella and Beatrice and their respective husbands Francesco Gonzaga and Ludovico Sforza; Duke Ercole's son-in-law, Lodovizo il Moro, was present at the performance. Duckworth states that the 1486 Ferrara performance of Menaechmi (ID 4500) was repeated twice in Ferrara, in 1488 (ID 7974) and in 1493 (ID 7972). However, it is possible that he is confusing the 1488 repeat performance with the one staged in the same year by clerics in Florence (ID 156).
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