Hecuba (2005)

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Start date: 
1 April 2005
End date: 
2 July 2005
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Production notes: 
Tony Harrison took over the direction of the production for the American and Greek performances.
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Laurence Boswell Director in England only
Darrell d'Silva Actor Odysseus / Polumestor
Es Devlin Set & Costume Designer
Alan Dobie Actor Talthybius
Matthew Douglas Actor Polydorus
Heather Habens Choreographer
Tony Harrison Director Harrison took over the direction for the performances in America and Greece
Lydia Leonard Actor Polyxena
Fergus O'Hare Sound Designer
Bruce O'Neil Musical Director
Judith Paris Actor Hecuba's Servant
Vanessa Redgrave Actor Hecuba
Mick Sands Composer
Gary Sefton Choreographer credited with "movement"
Adam Silverman Lighting Designer
Malcolm Tierney Actor Agamemnon
Darren Tunstall Assistant Director
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