Frogs (1985)

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2 November 1985
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Greek, Ancient (to 1453)

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Script Author(s)
Frogs Aristophanes
Person Role Notes
Ruth Ann Abruzzi Actor Swimmer
Maria Aloisio Actor Chorus
Stacy Baumann Actor Swimmer
Jill Bolt Actor Swimmer
Meg Costello Actor Chorus
Cathy Davidson Actor Chorus Leader
Deb Davies Director
Robert Fitzwilliam Actor Charon
Ann Folker Actor Swimmer
Katherine Geffcken Actor Plathane
Lisa Gibbon Actor Slave
Estelle Green Actor Slave Girl
Julia Hanna Actor Chorus
Edward Hobbs Actor Corpse
Cathy Keesling Actor Chorus
Maria Kefalas Actor Chorus
Liana Kish Actor Swimmer
Laura Last Actor Heracles
Jenny Leach Actor Slave
Mary R. Lefkowitz Actor Innkeeper
Mary R. Lefkowitz
Hugh Lloyd-Jones Actor Aeacus
Tracy Malone Actor Chorus
Annya Mayer Actor Swimmer
Anne McKnight Actor Chorus
Kara McLaughlin Actor Swimmer
Becky Nevitt Actor Swimmer
Marjorie Pebworth Actor Swimmer
Carol Pobst Actor Dionysus
Kate Schechter Actor Chorus
Doug Smith Actor Slave
Ken Szajda Actor Slave
Jeanne Troth Actor Xanthias
Chase Vokrot Actor Swimmer
Anne Wilkinson Actor Swimmer
Edison Wong Actor Slave
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Wellesley College (Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States) 2 November, 1985
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