Médée et Jason (1771)

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1 January 1771
Degree of relationship to ancient play: 
Distant relative
Production notes: 
This is a set of dances which was performed during the intervals of Antonio Sacchini's opera Adriano in Siria (Sartori ID 431). It is very likely that it was based on Euripides and/or Seneca. The listing in the libretto reads: Balli di Charles Lepicq e Domenico Ricciardi: Giasone e Medea. It is likely that Le Picq's and Ricciardi's subsequent similarly-titled ballets were in some way related to this earlier work: see Medea and Giasone by Le Picq for Naples in 1775 (Sartori ID 7559) and Ricciardi's Giasone e Medea for Rome in 1785 (Sartori ID 11831) and for Reggio di Emilia in 1787 (Sartori ID 7581). All of these were strongly influenced by Noverre's choreography for the similarly titled ballet Giasone e Medea, performed at Stuttgart in 1763 (Sartori ID 7825). The formulation on the title page of the scenario for the production of Noverre's choreography in Milan in 1788 (Sartori ID 11833) reads: 'Stato altre volte dato dal sig. Carlo Le Picq ed ora rimesso dal sig. Domenico Le Fevre'. This could imply that at least some of the similarly titled productions by Le Picq and his collaborator Ricciardi were based on Noverre's original choreography.
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Choreographic work (dance, ballet, mime etc)
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