Antigone (1969)

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2 February 1969
End date: 
5 February 1969
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Kincaid translated the episodes, and Worsnip the choral odes. There was a danced prologue representing the fight between Eteocles and Polyneices, and the choruses were danced (to music played and sung by a solo guitarist).
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Nicholas Anderson Actor Cabinet Member
Philip Beauchesne Actor Tiresias
Derek Bell Actor Eteocles
Charlotte Burns Actor Antigone
Philip Cornell Actor Cabinet Member
Timothy Crow Actor Messenger
Andrew Dand Actor Haimon
Margaret [Meg] Douglas AKA Kinkaid Costumes
Mary Fairbotham Griffiths Choreographer
Graham Jones Actor Guard
Arthur Kincaid Director
Arthur Kincaid Actor Polyneices
Arthur Kincaid Translator Translated the episodes
Charles Martindale Actor Cabinet Member
Robert McLaren Actor Creon
Nell Mitchell Actor the Minds of Eteocles & Polyneices
Richard Morris Composer
Martha Mundy Actor the Minds of Eteocles & Polyneices
Mark Piper Actor Cabinet Leader
Priscilla Rachun Actor Ismene
Lynn Schofield Actor Eurydice
John Schofield Designer
Patrick Worsnip Translator Translated the Choral Odes
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Oxford Playhouse, Beaumont Street (Oxford, County of Oxfordshire, England) 2 February, 1969 to 4 February, 1969

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