Bacchae (2000)

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Start date: 
5 December 2000
End date: 
8 December 2000
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Pauline Chambers Costumes
Natalie Cox Actor Chorus
Andrea Ellis Actor Agavë
Phil Peleton Actor Pentheus
Tamsin Shasha Actor Dionysus
Tamsin Shasha Assistant Director
Helen Stern Actor Chorus
David Stuttard Director
Duncan Woodward-Hay Set Designer
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Steiner Theatre (London, Greater London, England) 5 December, 2000 to 7 December, 2000
College of Ripon & York St John (York, City of York, England) 10 September, 2000 to 11 September, 2000
unknown venue (England) touring
unknown venue (Scotland) touring
unknown venue (Republic of Ireland) touring
unknown venue (Wales) touring

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