Edipo a Colono (1816 - 1817)

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1 January 1816
End date: 
31 December 1817
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Rossini set four choral odes from Oedipus at Colonus (the stasima at 668-719, 1044-1095, 1211-1248 and 1556-1578 in Giusti's translation) for bass solo and three-part men's chorus (2 tenor lines, 1 bass line). It had probably been composed by May 1815, and it is is likely to have been performed by 1817. According to Flashar (p.86-87), it was given in a public performance in Paris in 1844, but this was in fact a performance of Trois choeurs religieux, for women's voices and piano, for which Rossini reused some of the music from Edipo a Colono (see Tozzi and Weiss, p.xxiv).
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Orchestral and incidental music
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