Oedipus Rex (1945 - 1946)

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Start date: 
18 October 1945
End date: 
31 December 1946
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Production notes: 
Eva Burrill replaced Thorndike as Jocasta in New York.
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Harry Andrews Actor Creon, a shared role
Eva Burrill Actor Jocasta, in New York
George Curzon Actor Creon, a shared role
Marie-Helene Dasté Costumes
Antony Hopkins Composer
Michael McKeag Actor Boy
Laurence Olivier Actor Oedipus
John Piper Set
Ralph Richardson Actor Tiresias
Michel Saint-Denis Producer
Sybil Thorndike Actor Jocasta, in London
Harcourt Williams Actor Tiresias
Cecil Winter Actor Priest
Venue Festival Dates Notes
New Theatre (London, Greater London, England) 18 October, 1945 to 26 April, 1946 in a double bill with R. B. Sheridan's The Critic
Century Theatre (New York City, New York, United States) May 1946
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