Aulularia (1564)

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6 August 1564
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6 August 1564
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Aulularia was performed before Queen Elizabeth I who had arrived in Cambridge the day before (Saturday). "It was acted by 'certayne selected' persons whom Dr Kelke had picked out of all the Colleges, 'King's-colledge being only excepted'" (Boas, p.93, quoting from Nichols' 1805 Progresses of Elizabeth). On the following evening (7 August), the men of King's College acted a tragedy on the subject of Dido, drawing on the Aeneid, written by Edward Haliwell (Boas, p.94). On 8 August, men of the College performed Nicholas Udall's Exechias for the Queen. On 9 August actors drawn from the University as a whole had planned to perform a Latin version of Sophocles' Ajax (ID 1199), but the Queen was too tired to be present (Boas, p.97).
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