Athol Fugard

Contributions made by this person

Production Role Notes First performed Venues Companies
Antigone (1965) Director 1965 unknown venue (New Brighton, Province of Eastern Cape, South Africa) Serpent Players
Die Hodoshe Span [ = The Island] (1973) Director 1973 Space Theatre (Cape Town, Province of the Western Cape, South Africa)
The Island (1974) Director 1974 Royal Court Theatre, Court Theatre (London, Greater London, England), Ambassadors Theatre (London, Greater London, England)
The Island (1995) Director 1995 Market Theatre (Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa)
Antigone (1999) Director 1999 unknown venue (Lios Tuathail, Munster, Republic of Ireland), unknown venue (Delphi, Central Greece, Greece), Firkin Crane Centre (Cork, Munster, Republic of Ireland)
The Island (2000 - 2003) Director 2000 Old Vic (London, Greater London, England), Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) (New York City, New York, United States), National Theatre (NT), Royal National Theatre (RNT) (London, Greater London, England) Market Theatre, Johannesburg, National Theatre (NT, London; aka Royal National Theatre)
Exits and Entrances (2004) Writer 2004 Fountain Theatre (Los Angeles, State of California, United States)
Jason The End (2006) Actor 2006 6th @ Penn Theatre (San Diego, State of California, United States) 6th @ Penn Theatre, San Diego, California