unknown venue (Palermo, Sicily, Italy)

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Format: 2024
Format: 2024
Productionsort ascending First performed Companies Ancient works performed
Persephone (1956) 1956 Metamorphoses, Theogony, The Rape of Proserpine (De Raptu Proserpine)
Penelope la casta [Penelope the Chaste] (1696) 1696 Odyssey, Heroides, Fabulae, Biblioteca
Medea (1744) 1744 Medea, Medea
L'Atlanta (1739) 1739 Metamorphoses, Catalogue of Women
Il Natale di Achille Iliad
Aretusa ed Alfeo (1794) 1794 Theogony, Aeneid, Metamorphoses

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