Antigone (1845)

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1 February 1845
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The 'Mendelssohn Antigone', first produced in German in Potsdam in 1841 (ID 631), inspired productions in Paris in 1844 (ID 632), in London in 1845 (ID 563), and in Dublin, Edinburgh and New York in 1845 (see ID 8273). J. J. C. Donner's German translation, which had been used in the 1841 production, was translated by Bartholomew for the English language productions. It may well have inspired also another Antigone on June 16 and 17 in Philadelphia (see ID 7142).
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
John Calcraft Actor Creon
John Calcraft Director
Helen Faucit Actor Antigone
Felix Mendelssohn Composer
George Vandenhoff Actor Creon, in New York

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