Euripides' Cyclops (1995)

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Start date: 
21 March 1995
End date: 
26 March 1995
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Annie Benson Actor Silenus
Diana Burton described as 'crew' on the programme
Tamar Hodos Actor Satyr
Steven Hunt Composer
Daren Murray Actor Satyr
Wendy Pank Actor Satyr
Wendy Pank Costumes
Wendy Pank Masks
Russell Shone Director
Russell Shone Actor Odysseus
Emma Stafford described as 'crew' on the programme
Tamlin Walenn Actor Cyclops
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Theatre Museum (London, Greater London, England) 21 March, 1995 to 26 March, 1995

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