Medea (1983)

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1 January 1983
End date: 
31 December 1983
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Set and Costume Design by Pierette Dudley-Hill and Gwenda Wiseman Lighting Design by David Cohen Starring Chantal Contouri, Michael Zachariou, Irene Cassimatis, Dimitris Kallis, Harry Tjives, Con Lara, Con Tsicaderis, Spiros Zachariou, Michael Karakaltsas, Dominic Grillo, Helen Christodoulou, Lee & Andrew Christodoulou and Danny & Chris Dellaportas Chorus Tereza Loizos, Gina Grammatikou, Julia Gardiner, Eleni Tzaros, Susanna Lobez, Magdalena Simonis, Flo Maitland, Margaret Maragoudakis, Christine Gavrilidis
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Greek, Modern (1453-)
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Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Medea Euripides
Person Role Notes
Irene Cassimatis Actor
David Cohen Lighting
Chantal Contouri Actor
Dimitris Dragatakis Music
Pierette Dudley-Hill Set & Costume Designer
Nick Skiadopoulos Director
Gwenda Wiseman Set & Costume Designer
Michael Zachariou Actor
Lena Zamboura Choreographer
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Website printout of various Stork Theatre performances of ancient drama Print-out archive p. 2

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