Oedipus Rex (1912)

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Start date: 
15 January 1912
End date: 
3 February 1912
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Production notes: 
First performance of this translation.
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Louis Calvert Actor Creon
Hubert Carter Actor Leader of the Chorus
Herbert Dansey Actor Messenger from Corinth
Franklin Dyall Actor Messenger from the Palace
Philip Hewland Actor Old Servant
John Martin-Harvey Actor Oedipus
John Martin-Harvey Producer
Lillah McCarthy Actor Jocasta
Max Reinhardt Director
H. A. Saintsbury Actor Tiresias
Ernest Stidwell Actor Priest
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Royal Opera House (London, Greater London, England) 15 January, 1912 to 3 February, 1912

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