Oedipus Rex (1936)

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28 September 1936
End date: 
11 October 1936
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John Martin-Harvey "followed the lines of the Max Reinhardt production in the same theatre in 1912" (Source ID 557).
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Person Role Notes
William Bridges-Adams Producer
J. Fisher White Actor Teiresias
Baliol Holloway Actor Creon
William H. Hudson Composer
Miriam Lewes Actor Jocasta
Michael Martin-Harvey Movement
John Martin-Harvey Director
John Martin-Harvey Actor Oedipus
Einar Nilsen Composer
Max Reinhardt Designer
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Royal Opera House (London, Greater London, England) 27 September, 1936 to 11 October, 1936
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Drama: The Quarterly Theatre Review. No.123 (Winter 1976) Journal library p.21
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