APGRD Introductions Series

APGRD Introductions to... provide a great place to start if you'd like to learn more about ancient drama, modern performances inspired by ancient texts, archiving, and more.



Peter Swallow provides a guide to the Athenian comic playwright and his legacy in an Introduction to... Aristophanes





Ancient Greek theatre

Find out about the origins of drama with Lucy Jackson's Introduction to... ancient Greek theatre




The tragic body

Stephe Harrop considers the walking, talking, breathing, sweating bodies of actors in her Introduction to... the tragic body




Tragic costume

Rosie Wyles explains why no togas are required in her Introduction to... tragic costume




Greece and Rome on screen

Brad Wilson gives a short history of Greece and Rome in Hollywood in his Introduction to... Greece and Rome on screen





Eleanor Swire discusses the intricacies and ideals involved in preserving the past in her Introduction to... archives