Detail from black and white photograph of female dancers choreographed by Margaret Morris © Fred Daniels Estate
Mask designs by Abd'Elkader Farrah for Oedipus Rex, 1960
The Story Of Orestes, 1886: illustration depicting Clytemnestra's ghost and the Furies
Framed costume design sketches hanging on a wall at the APGRD's Oresteia Exhibition, 2011


The Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama (the APGRD) is a research project based in the Classics Faculty at the University of Oxford. It investigates the performance of ancient texts from Greek tragedy to Roman epic, in any medium and any period, from stage to screen, from antiquity to the present day.

A world-renowned international research centre, the APGRD has been at the forefront of classical reception studies for over twenty years and is a pioneer in classical performance reception - see details of our publications here.

For more information visit the About Us section; or to explore our archives and production databases go to Research Collections.



Poster advertising hybrid conference: Re-Imagining Tragedy Across Africa and the Global South. The background image is a dress rehearsal photograph of the 2022 play iKrele leChiza; photo by Rob KeithSeptember Conference

Registration is now open for in-person attendance at our hybrid conference, co-hosted with the University of Cape Town's ReTAGS project, Re-Imagining Tragedy Across Africa and the Global South on 26 and 27 September 2023, in Oxford's Ioannou Centre and online.



Event poster with a portrait photograph of Paterson Jospeh in the top-left corner and the front cover to his novel The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho, beneath. The APGRD logo is in the bottom-right corner. White text on a black background readsPaterson Joseph in conversation

Looking forward to Michaelmas term, we are delighted to welcome Paterson Joseph in conversation with Mai Musié on 17 Oct. 2023 at Corpus Christi College. Full details, and link to book your seat (free) are on the event page.



Latest Podcast Episode - Choreographing Sophocles

How much do we know about Sophocles' choreography? and what do we do with this knowledge today? These are the two key questions discussed in the latest episode of our podcast with Leo Aylen and David Wiles. Full details at Choreographing Sophocles.Two black and white photographs from of Antigone at Greenwich Theatre (1985)






Photograph of numerous programme notes, flyers, and posters related to performances of Agamemnon and the OresteiaTell us about Productions!

In a bid to improve the scope of our Productions Database we have created an online portal for anyone to submit information about performances inspired by Greek and Roman sources - any country, any time period, any medium (films and tv, stage or radio plays, ballets or operas etc). If you can help us, please visit our online submissions form >>