unknown venue (Padova, Veneto, Italy)

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Format: 2024
Format: 2024
Production First performed Companies Ancient works performed
Aci, Galatea, e Polifemo Metamorphoses, Iliad, Theogony
Ecerinis (1314) 1314 Octavia
Edippo tragedia (1556) 1556 Oedipus the King, Oedipus, Phoinissai (The Phoenician Women)
Edipo (1560) 1560 Oedipus
Ermiona [Hermonia] (1636) 1636 Theogony, Metamorphoses
Il Ciclope [The Cyclops] (1695) 1695 Metamorphoses, Iliad, Theogony
L'Apoteosi di Alcide (1732) 1732 Accademia dei Geniali, Padua Hippolytos, Phaedra
Narciso al fonte [Narcissus at the Spring] (1768) 1768 Metamorphoses, Dionysiaca
Orfeo ed Euridice (1770) 1770 Metamorphoses, Georgics
Alceste (1777) 1777 Alkestis
L'amor della patria figurao nella partenza d'Ulisse dall'isola di Calisso [The Love of Country Involved in Ulysses' Departure from Calypso's Island] (1779) 1779 Odyssey
Le Baccanti (1912 - 1913) 1912 Bacchai
Agamennone (2001) 2001 Liceo Classico G. Galilei, Pisa Agamemnon

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