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Konstantinos [Kostas] Manos Translator
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Greek, Modern (1453-)
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Production First performed Venues
Antigone (1910 - 1916) 1910 Theatro Sporting Club (İzmir, İzmir, Turkey), Theatro Variété (Istanbul, Istanbul Province, Turkey), unknown venue (Egypt), unknown venue (Greece), Theatro Smyrnis (İzmir, İzmir, Turkey)
Antigone (1924) 1924 Theatro Marika Kotopouli (Athens, Attica, Greece)
Antigone (1925) 1925 Theatro Marika Kotopouli (Athens, Attica, Greece)
Antigone (1926) 1926 Ancient Odeion of Herodes Atticus (Athens, Attica, Greece), Achilleion (Vólos, Thessaly, Greece), Theatro Akropolis (Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece), Theatro Marika Kotopouli (Athens, Attica, Greece), Faliron (Kavála, East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece)
Antigone (1927 - 1928) 1927 Pantheon (Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece)
Antigone (1928 - 1929) 1928 Ancient Odeion of Herodes Atticus (Athens, Attica, Greece), unknown venue (Greece)
Antigone (1930) 1930 Belvedere Theatre (Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt)
Antigone (1931) 1931 unknown venue (Istanbul, Istanbul Province, Turkey), Demotiko Theatro, Municipal Theatre (Piraeus, Attica, Greece), Theatro Lyrikon (Patras, West Greece, Greece)
Antigone (1937) 1937 Leschi Andrion, Club of Andrians (Andros, Greece)
Antigoni (1949) 1949 Pagkyprion Gymnasion (Nicosia, Nicosia District, Cyprus)
Antigone (1949 - 1955) 1949 unknown venue (Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece), unknown venue (Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa), unknown venue (Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Antigone (1973) 1973 Kourion Ancient Theatre (Cyprus)
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Antigone Sophocles AKA Sophokles Translation

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